5 Foods You Must Try in Bulgaria

Planning on exploring Bulgaria on four wheels, then remember you are in for a treat. The country has a delightful culinary culture, which is worth a try. Just head for a road trip and enjoy the beauty of the country.

Bulgaria, overlooking the Black Sea, is one of the most stunning offbeat destinations of Europe. One of the preferred destinations for backpackers and hikers, the country is filled with some of the most exotic landmarks dating back to the Roman Era. Road trip through the beautiful landmarks of the country can be a romantic and beautiful experience. Just rent a car from Dimitrovgrad, Sofia, or Plovdiv and explore this beautiful country on your terms.

While you are at it, remember to Bulgarians are friendly people who love to feed their guests. Most of the bonding happens over a glass of wine and Bulgarian cheese. The flavors and textures of the country leave a pleasant lingering taste in your mouth and fill your stomach with a hearty meal.

Bulgarian food shares a lot of similarities with the traditional Greek, Mediterranean, or Turkish meals. However, the perfect balance of meat, cheese, and vegetables in the meal gives Bulgarian cuisines a delicate balance of taste and health.

Here are five of the popular dishes of Bulgaria that are worth a try in the country: 

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One of the most common and popular pastries of Bulgaria and can be found almost everywhere. The pie made with butter and cheese and melt in the mouth texture is an addictive delicacy. Often served with coffee, the delicacy is perfect for breakfasts. Each morning experienced pastry chefs start prepping the dough, with stacks of filo pastry dough lined up one after another. Later the dough is stuffed with butter and cheese, creating a flawless dessert for your sweet cravings.

Tripe Soup or Shkembe

The soups and salads are an integral part of Bulgarian meals, and Bulgarian love their soups and salads. One of the fan favorites is the Tripe Soup or Shkembe as locals call it, is made from – you guessed it right – tripe. Before you make that face, listen. The soup is made with minced tripe, milk, and paprika cooked over slow heat with a hint of spices that makes the entire soup delightful.


Shopska Salata uses simple ingredients like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and other freshly cut vegetables to create a memorable dish. Often accompanied by Bulgarian cheese, spread generously over the vegetables – giving the entire meal a lingering taste. Interestingly, the salad is served as the first meal to the newlyweds after their meals.

StuffedGrape Leaves (Lozovi Sarmi)

A popular main course dish, Lazovi Sarmi, is stuffed grape leaves with meat and rice. But the exotic dish tastes better with yogurt dip. Overall, a popular delicacy to be served with drinks, making it more noteworthy.


Cooked over slow heat and cooked and served in a traditional crockery pot, the Gyuvech is a delightful meal. The stew includes a healthy dose of mushrooms, meat, onions, and other herbs make the dish more interesting. While brewing the stew, Bulgarian yellow cheese or Kashkaval and eggs add an extra texture making it extra delicious.

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