Five Important Benefits of Car Rental in Sofia

To help you explore the brilliant places in Sofia and Veliko Tarnovo, we have some amazing advantages of renting a car. You can have the time of your life with easy and affordable transportation facility. Contact this service to know more about the seasonal offers.

Bulgaria has everything a frequent traveler can think off. The beautiful monuments, stunning architectures, and most importantly, the exceptional landscape will be perfect for your vacation at any season. However, people always face trouble in setting up the right transportation facility, and we are going to fix that too. You can easily rent a car at Sofia airport to escape all the trouble. The car rental facility is safe and affordable; you just have to make sure to make the booking in advance.


  1. When you plan a journey with a group, taking the car rental is the first option from Sofia. If you schedule a week-long trip with your mates and everyone proposes to drive their own car that will be a frustrating scenario. And there is a possibility that both of them will come at varying times. Traveling in a car together is an exciting experience. The fun journey will begin the moment you start your journey together.
  2. Including the benefit of traveling together as one party, you can save your hard-earned cash when you rent a vehicle. There will be only one car that needs petrol, rather than everyone pouring gasoline in their own cars. And thus, in the long run, you can save a decent amount of money and spend it on something better.
  3. You will be away from all the trouble of car servicing and maintenance. Rent a car at Sofia airport to start your journey appropriately without hassle. You can pick from their list of rental services nut we do have a recommendation at the end of this writing.
  4. When driving in Bulgaria, renting a car will help you limit wear and tear on your own vehicle. Bulgaria is a European nation with literature, music, and history and it is a very intimidating challenge to see all the wonders of the land during the short time of your holiday. But if you want to rent a car from Sofia airport, you will be able to explore the country and the capital city at your own convenience.
  5. Car rental has services that you can easily enjoy. There’s no shortage of time waiting for a taxi or public transit. You can get where you need to go, both easily and efficiently. In addition, in this process, you can save money.

Veliko Tarnovo is just 2 hr 40 minutes away from Sofia and you will really enjoy the place for all the right reasons. If you want to rent a car Veliko Tarnovo or Sofia, just contact Val & Kar Rent a Car Bulgaria. Visit or you can also dial 359 878 666 944 to speak to them directly.

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