Are You Looking For A Reliable Car Rental In Sofia?

A trip is only successful when you are paying a suitable price for its transportation. Taking public transport is not the only solution; car rental services can really help you explore the popular attractions in a better way. Car hire in Sofia deserves a chance to prove its worth.

Sofia is an amazing location to visit and offers stunning attractions for sightseeing. However, people overlook the beauty due to cost cutting. Public transportation is not easy to get by and you will need all the information of the road, whereas taking up a car hire in Sofia will be a better plan if you are willing to explore the city well.


Sofia airport has offices in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, which is perfect for new tourists. Here are a few reasons you must go for the car hire:

  • It maintains privacy and keeps you secure in a new city/country
  • Some of the car rental services provides for winter resorts and more
  • It provides suitable service at all affordable rates

These car rental services have so much to offer. If you want to rent a car in Sofia or auto rent in Burgas, the best way is to contact a suitable car rental service. If it is a challenge for you to find one, then allow us to help you in the search. A car rental service has to be available 24*7, with affordable cost, additional facilities, no hidden charges, and easy to access. Are you wondering where to find one? If so, then contacting Val & Kar Rent a Car Bulgaria would be a perfect option. Since Sofia is the biggest city in Bulgaria, you have endless and most convenient options to consider, but when it is about transportation, only car rental can be of help.

Car hire in Sofia becomes mandatory because you should not lose the opportunity of exploring the historical town. The city is full of stunning architecture and historical monuments, exploring the town thoroughly are a necessity for every traveler.  Sofia has various modes of transportation and you must consider visiting  or you can also dial +359878666944 to get more details about suitable transportation.

If you have any second thoughts about car hire in Sofia, then know that missing such beautiful locations over a transportation plan will be a real loss. The large international airport in Sofia explains half of the beauty the city holds. The airport provides services around the clock all year, which I why renting a car from Sofia airport is suggested by most of experienced travelers. They provide fast and reliable service at an affordable price. Most people will warn you about renting a car from the airport, but it is not applied to a reputed car rental service like this one. Contact them for more details about the rental facilities under budget.

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