All you need to know about car rental in Sofia airport

A lot of planning goes into visiting a new city, and you shouldn’t miss anything important. One of the most important things while traveling is the transportation and accommodation arrangements. By taking helpful information from this post, you will be able to plan the transportation easily. Take a look!

Sofia is a beautiful place but you can only redeem that if you have planned things ahead. The main center of you reaching Bulgaria is Sofia Airport, it is located in a central position on the Balkan Peninsula and it is a hub not just for Bulgaria but also for other neighboring places. The capital of Bulgaria is very close to the airport and most people decide to book their transportation at the airport itself. To help you know better, we would like to give you some important details about the car hire in Sofia airport.

Rent a Car Bulgaria

Get started with the car hire in Sofia

People often get confused while hiring a car rental service. Since you are new to the city, we will help you select a reliable car hire service. The cars that pick you from the airport are all under a transportation company that is safe and certified. The car rental services are partners with national and international clients and have a reputation to hold. We would like to recommend Val & Kar Rent a Car Bulgaria, they are a reliable car rental service and it will help you find the right kind of car for the journey.

Car Hire Pick-Up

Let’s give you some important information about where and how you can find a car rental service in the airport. You will come across a supplier’s desk in both terminals around the arrival area. Here are few points you need to pay attention to while making the booking.

  • You must pay attention to the pick-up information while booking.
  • You have got a valid ID card and driving license
  • Do inspect the vehicle for any damage, and if you find any then report it to the supplier
  • You will be able to find all arrival and departure in both the terminals, as both of them act independently.
  • It is better if you have a driver because it will help you relax and not stress on navigating on your own in a new country.

Checking this information will help you understand the car rental facility, and how they can help you explore the interesting attractions. If you want to know more about this car hire in Sofia airport, then visit   or you can also dial 070019002 to speak to them directly. They are a reputed service provider for car rental and are available for customer service 24/7. You will have service satisfaction if you rent a car Plovdiv, or any other city in Bulgaria.

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