Plovdiv is the cultural capital of Bulgaria, this second largest city is among the oldest cities in Europe. The city has a contrasting difference to the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. Paced slower, relaxed, less busy, let us look around the amazing things you can explore in Plovdiv, find yourself a comfortable pair of shoes or local handmade flip-flops and walk with us to the top places for visit in Plovdiv.

Plovdiv is spread across the fertile region in the south-central Bulgaria and intrinsically shapes the character of the country for over 8,000 years. The very first settlement named the Neolithic settlements was discovered in 6,000 BC. Plovdiv is regarded as one of the oldest cities in the Europe. The exceptional wealth and architecture on display make it the center of art and craft and an unmissable tourist destination.

The museums are the most popular attractions of this city; however, there are plenty and the options are hard to select from. However, city tours can be intelligently planned if you are using a car rental Plovdiv Airport facility that maximizes your coverage in the one day showing you as much as you can remember. , So, follow our easy to do list.

Visit Hisar Kapia Gate

The Hisar Kapia Gate is situated in the Old Town, and it is known as one of the most popular tourist sites in Plovdiv. This is a beautifully preserved medieval city gate, which was also one of the three entrances to Plovdiv in the ancient times.

Marvel the Eastern Gate of Philippopolis

If you enjoy exploring ancient structures, then discovering the entrance to the ancient Philippopolis will slipping back in history to the ancient Roman architecture. The Eastern Gate was on the main road is a 4th century evidence of the intricate porticoes defined in the Corinthian style. Built on the main road to Byzantium, this is one place that you would not like to leave in a hurry.

Explore Nebet Tepe

Nebet Tepe was one of Plovdiv’s first hills to receive human habitation. The settlement at this place dates to 4,000 BC, it is a small area, and tourists love visiting the location for its natural beauty.

Don’t miss the Church of Holy Mother of God

If you love visiting churches, then you are going to love exploring the Nebet Tepe in the old town. This church of the Holy Mother of God holds immense importance in Plovdiv. The church has been on site since the 9th century. It is one of the popular sites and travelers love exploring this ancient wonder.

Visit the Roman Stadium

You will visit one of the largest and best-preserved ancient Roman structures in the Balkan. The Plovdiv Roman Stadium is considered a top attraction for tourists constructed in the early 2nd century. The stadium is big enough to seat no less than 30,000 people.

Visit the Church Of St. Constantine and Helena        

Plovdiv’s stunning churches are many and this is a significant gem of the old town. The church is named after Emperor Constantine and his mother Helena, which dates back from the year 337.

Following the list will lead you to some of the most amazing places in Plovdiv. However, you must decide on the transportation before reaching the city. Pre-plan your transportation with car rental Plovdiv Airport and accommodation for a new location. Val & Kar Rent a Car Bulgaria offers outstanding assistance, visit their website, or dial 359 878 666 944 to speak to them directly. Plan your trip today!

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