Do You Want To Visit Five Best Attractions in Sofia

It is challenging to make an itinerary of the best places in Sofia. If you are visiting with family and friends, you must select places that are kid-friendly and not too far from the center. To help you select those places, we are listing down five attractions in Sofia that you can visit.

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The Capital of Bulgaria has endless stories to tell. The popular attractions have an ancient touch to their architecture, which explains the complicated yet interesting past of Sofia. If you are interested in exploring the architectural beauty of Sofia, then take a look at these five listed locations to help you plan better. There are places that will reflect a perfect blend of Roman history in a modern city. Car hire in Sofia is a perfect solution for sightseeing.

Vitosha Boulevard

This is one of the fanciest streets in the city. If you are willing to visit the finest and posh fashion boutiques, then you will find it on this street. All the upmarket shops are clustered in this area and you will find the area dusted with snow in the winter season.

Sofia Church

The St. Sofia Church is the one that gave the name to this city in the 1300s, which was during the rule of the Second Bulgarian Empire. The red brick building has a long history and the chain goes back to Byzantine times, which is in the 500s.

Boyana Church

The location of this stunning church is dreamy. It is located on the lower slopes of Vitosha Mountain, which is also a UNESCO heritage site. This medieval church is surrounded by tall softwood trees in a suburban area. The church has an interesting history; it was built in three different stages starting from the 1000s to the 1800s. However, the most important part was built during the Second Bulgarian Empire in the 1200s.

Vitosha Mountain

This has a monumental peak surrounded by Nature Park in Sofia’s southwestern suburbs. Most of the tourist love visiting this off-site location because it offers promising adventure and an informative tour all at once. The best way to have access to the Vitosha is through Aleka, it’s the mountain’s ski resort.

Ivan Vazov National Theatre

This theater was built by the Viennese architect Helmer & Fellner. They cataloged extravagant buildings across Europe and ended up building this theater in 1909. This building is an iconic sight, which served as a symbol for Bulgaria, when you are visiting Sofia; you ought to visit this iconic place.

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