What a Citroen Jumpy has to say about traveling Bulgaria


Hi! My name is Jumpy, Citroen Jumpy.

My family is Val&Kar, but something happened last week. Something, I want to tell you about.

I was taken away from my family by Nina and Ellie. You already know them – they have this website and allowed me to post here. I was scared at first. They said we’ll be going far away from home and I didn’t know what to expect. But it turned out interesting!

First, we went for a photoshoot in front of Alexander Nevsky in Sofia. This is the best picture of me, do you like it?


In the middle of my photoshoot I met Elena and Ivan from Drumivdumi.com,Maria from TravellingBuzz.com, Todor from Kashkavaltourist.com and Geri fromWhenWomanTravels.com. I heard that Julia and Criss from time2travel.bg, andPeter and Viki from 100obekta.com will be joining us later.

My new friends hopped aboard and we were on our way! The rain in Sofia caught us off-guard and slowed us down, but we made it safe to Veliko Tarnovo. Few more hours and we arrived in Balgarevo.

It was tiring. I couldn’t see far, but I made sure I took good care of my passengers. And they took good care of me, letting me catch up on sleep. It was nice.