What can you do in Varna?

Varna is a popular holiday retreat of Bulgaria, and worth a visit for tourists looking for some pleasant time at the sea. Here are some of the most recommended things to do at Varna, besides relaxing at the coast.

Varna, a Bulgarian city overlooking the Black Sea, is a popular summer retreat for tourists. In the early days, the city was the popular holiday spot for the Bulgarian aristocrats and nobles. In recent times, the city has manifested into a new holiday spot for the millennials.

With buzzing nightlife and awe-inspiring landmarks, the city is truly fascinating for tourists. Tourists can rent a car from Varna Airport and head downtown to explore the tourist attraction.

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Here is the list of things to do at Varna –

  1. Sightseeing 

Well, sightseeing is undoubtedly the best part of traveling to a new city. Tourists get a chance to learn something new about their people and get a chance to appreciate the new culture. While touring through Varna, tourists can explore the different landmarks of the city including the massive Sea Garden Park or the Archaeological Museum.

While the Sea Garden is an ideal spot for relaxation for the locals, the Archaeological Museum’s renowned gold collection from the Varna Necropolis is fascinating. Apart from that, exploring the Varna Cathedral and Varna Roman Baths are recommended for the tourists.

  1. Walking through the Pedestrianized Centre of the city 

Varna’s pedestrianized city center is highly recommended for tourists. Under this zone, tourists can walk freely between the Mother of God Cathedral till the city center. The entire route is dotted with benches for the comfort of the tourists.

Some of the landmarks around the pedestrianized center are – Kozirkata, Varna’s Opera and Theatre House, clock tower, and Dabkov’s bench.

  1. Exploring the outskirts of the town 

Just a few miles over the northeastern suburbs of Varna, lies the ancient Orthodox cave monastery complex. Built by the followers of the Greek Orthodox monks, these caves were carved by hand from the natural forming karst cliff in around the 13th century. By the 16th century, the monastery was abandoned. The walls of the monastery were decorated with frescoes, little of which still exist at the site. A road trail leads the tourist to the nearby catacombs, also worth a visit for interested tourists.

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