Val & Kar Rent A Car Bulgaria - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions when hiring car in Bulgaria from
Val & Kar Rent A Car

All major insurances that are possible for the territory of Bulgaria. Full auto assistance 24/7 only for the territory of Bulgaria.
The rental price does not include:
- Super Cover For Damages
- Super Theft Protection
Waives your responsibility to the excess amount.
- WTI: Windshield, Tire, Rims & hubcaps Insurance
Insurance that discharges the windshield, tire breaker, rim injury, or car wreck.
Additional charge is after office hours, national holidays, Sunday and Airport fee for all Bulgarian Airports.
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Yes with the most. Class "0" - low cost cars-7 years and older are not available for travelling abroad. You have to give us a notice at least 48 hours in advance and pay 20 euros additional fee once per rental for travelling abroad and 10 euros power of Attorney for driving the car cross the borders.
Warning: there are some additional documents required to cross some borders and customs. Please contact us for more information.
Please contact immediately Traffic Police on phone number 165 or 112 and then request all necessary paperwork you need for the insurance companies from the police officers. Please inform Val-Kar immediately about your health state, any damage caused to the vehicles and please try to describe what happened in the most precise way so we can organize any kind of support on your behalf e.g. ambulance, road assistance etc. You pay nothing in case you are not responsible for the accident that happened and we will provide a replacement vehicle ASAP.

An administrative fee of 50 Eur is payable in case the renter is responsible for the accident. This fee could reach the amount of the safety deposit/excess in case of more considerable damage.

NONE of insurances is valid in case of alcohol or drug abuse (including prescribed medicines required refraining from driving) and the repair is subject of payment by the renter. The whole deposit is non refundable and additional penalty for missed benefits will be added.
For the territory of Bulgaria no limit for kilometers for rentals over 7 days. For rentals to 7 days limit is 250 km/day.
Limit when travelling abroad for less then 7 days - 300km/day. For contracts over 7 days when travelling abroad no limit for kilometers.
The surcharge for over-limit kilometers is 0.1 euros/ 0.2 BGN per over-limit kilometer.
The safety deposit or excess is an obligation because of the following reasons: you are supported with vehicle fully loaded with fuel (in case you refuse to reload it) in case you prolong your contract over the phone for a couple of days more In order to cover damage which is not a subject of insurance cases e.g. cigarette burns, tire damage as well as all other damage caused by incompetent driving.
This is your liability in case of accident. This is the first amount you pay.
You can waive the responsibility to the deposit if you purchase the Super Cover For Damages & Super Theft Protection.
One-way rent is the service, take it here - return there, rent a car from one city and return it to another city. Bulgaria is a very specific country for the car and van rental business. Demand and supply in different parts of the country is very different and quite seasonal. For this reason, we, like most colleagues, can not have the same cars at different points declared as car rental locations. In other words, the availability of cars is proportionate to the demand for the service, and in certain areas of the country some categories of cars have no demand at all or it is extremely low. This means that a certain type of car hired in one city and returned to another city can wait months to follow client to use it. This is what this fee is in most cases unlike some European, American and others. more developed countries where this is a normal practice repeatedly occurring on a daily basis.